Sherrie Mathieson, style consultant


1.) What is a Style Consultant?

A Style Consultant advises on all matters of style. They are hired, most often for their taste and the exposure they give a client. This can include anything from great clothing to interior design. I specialize in pulling together a wardrobe, but at times a natural progression leads to home furnishing, and the aesthetic of exterior spaces and landscape (because a person usually dresses the way they decorate).

2.) What is an Image Consultant?

An Image Consultant is specifically concerned with an individual's wardrobe and the image or impression it creates. Many professionals seek such advice, in order to be appropriate, attractive and modern in a competitive business climate.

3.) What is a Personal Shopper?

A Personal Shopper should be on staff at a specific store. They help you with wardrobe purchases and any merchandise sold at their particular store. They earn a commission on these sales.

4.) What is a Fashion Designer?

A Fashion Designer designs clothing/fashion for everyday life.

5.) What is a Stylist?

A Stylist is a general term for a person who literally styles. Stylists can specialize in hair, clothing, food etc. I was considered a Stylist when I costumed actors and models for TV commercials and MTV videos. I was a Print Stylist when I dressed models for fashion magazines.

6.) What is a Costume Designer?

A Costume Designer is an individual who costumes actors for their roles in theater, TV and film. They are often assisted on the set by wardrobe personnel in charge of dressing the actors and maintaining the wardrobe.

7.) What can I expect from your services?

As a Style Consultant, I will guide you in issues concerning personal style.

You will learn how to:

  • Have a fashionable, but, also practical wardrobe for your lifestyle.
  • Obtain the best of wardrobe at the best of prices.
  • Spend where most appropriate and useful.
  • Achieve a style unique to you and true to your personality.
  • Delight in having clothing ‘custom' designed and created for you exclusively.
  • Cut shopping time and simplify the shopping experience.
  • Avoid shopping mistakes.
  • Adopt from current fashions what is appropriate and still modern for you, as you age.
  • Understand the 'art' of the mix.
  • Care for your clothing, understand fabrics and quality.
  • Differentiate resources and discover new ones.


You will receive:

  • Expert talent to guide you through the optimum choices in a constantly evolving and fickle ‘fashion' culture.
  • An expert 'style' guide for life's special events and occasions.
  • Instruction and inspiration within a world of 'self-expression' that is fun and potentially creative.

8.) What is unique, and 'a cut above' about my services?

My Education and Background:

  • Years working as a Costume Designer and Stylist for Film, TV and Print has given me extraordinary experience and training. I am thoroughly versed in fashion history and skilled in the design and execution of clothing.
  • My ability to observe, intuit and 'listen' is well-established and essential to working as a 'team-player' on projects that included many celebrities, directors and producers.
  • My talent as a Fine Artist was furthered by years of study in design
  • and experimentation with line, form, and color.
Attitude, Interest, and Passion:

  • I make a point, to remain thoroughly informed of current fashion. I am conscious, and often reliably forecast upcoming trends.
  • I keep learning from my clients' needs and gain an extra understanding of the 'psychology of clothing' and public attitudes toward style through the input of audiences attending my ‘Style' seminars.
  • I approach the issue of Personal Style as an 'artistic' endeavor that enriches our lives and develops better taste level.
  • I travel all over the US in the effort of getting the best for my matter where they live.
  • I'm as skilled and as well-versed in men's wear as I am for women, teens, children and even babies.
  • I'm forever 'curious'...

9.) How do you work?

Each situation is unique.

Most often, a 1-2 hour consultation in the client's home is helpful. This allows for a look in the closet to see what's worthwhile and what needs weeding-out. It is also the perfect time to discuss the client's lifestyle needs, and interpret their personal 'wish list' and define their 'look' and personality. We can then define challenges that are physical or psychological. This is the ideal opportunity to set a 'game-plan' for budget and shopping time.

I shop with the client for a few hours at first. Later, I can shop on my own, or mix the sessions with time together.

10.) How do you bill?

I bill by the hour (rate and details supplied with direct inquiry).

11.) What books would you recommend on this subject?

More details and information on the following recommendations can be found in my own book, Forever Cool: How to Achieve Ageless, Youthful and Modern Personal Style.