Sherrie Mathieson, style consultant

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Never Cool!

Unfortunate Styles: Popular in the 80's this Coogie sweater belongs in the Bad Taste Hall of Fame and the men who cling to them in the Hall of Shame.

Inappropriate Looks: Round or v-neck sweaters worn without a visible shirt or T-shirt underneath, takes on a thuggish look.

Flashy Jewelry: Gold chains, earrings and gold watches with diamonds belong to Hip-Hop artists or the Sopranos—not someone who'd like to be seen as refined.

A Poor Fit: Ouch! Jeans this tight could cause some serious damage.

The Wrong Shoe: Two-toned moccasins, webbed or otherwise look too precious, over-styled, and are seen on way too many's feet.

Forever Cool!

Color That works: Pale gray, navy and black - a masculine choice.

Something Different: The navy suede shirt is luxe, adding interest with texture to this simple outfit. Worn over a polo it provides a stylish option to the classic jacket.

A Stylish Cut: The jeans have a loose, modern cut.

The Right Shoe: The black slip-on shoes are practical and comfortable. As a bonus, the lug-soles add height!

Good Grooming: Hair combed back - what a difference!