Sherrie Mathieson, style consultant

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Never Cool!


Matronly Suits: This lady-like knit is sure to age you (and no gold buttons, please!)

Primary Colors: They belong in kindergarten. Don't wear them – especially with the predictable black slacks or skirts.

Dainty Jewelry: The gold clip-on earrings, pin and necklaces do little more than add glitter – file them with the gold buttons.

Short Slacks: It's difficult to look professional in slacks that come up short. Exposed tan stockings only makes it worse.

The Wrong Bag: This lady-like structured bag only adds more stiffness.

Scary Hair: This includes all varieties of over-spraying, "helmet hair" and "big hair."

Forever Cool!


Simplicity: Edit your look with a current fit and flattering style.

Color That Works: Neutral colors are always sophisticated and mix easily.

Finer Fabrics: Buy the best! Their flattering effect (as we age) is worth the money.

Coordinated Pieces: Wear a two piece outfit that appears suited rather than matching – it suggests a more relaxed feel.

Great Accessories: Think quality and style. A great accessory can make the outfit—especially shoes and bags.

A Perfect Fit: Make sure that every aspect of your outfit fits well. If something's not quite right don't buy it, or have it altered.

Like New: Keeping your clothing and accessories in tip-top condition is essential.