Sherrie Mathieson, style consultant


Fashion Tips For Baby Boomers Who Have Been Living In The Past

People get stuck in a decade, and unfortunately, for a lot of people our age, it's the '80s," says Mathieson, a Ridgefield resident. "Too often, for men, that means the `Miami Vice' look, for women, `Dallas.' They stay with the same hairstyle and clothing they had 25 years ago with the mistaken notion it makes them look younger but the effect is just the opposite.

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Boomer Bottoms

I love this book enough to tell you to look for it when it comes out on Oct. 9. Sherrie Mathieson has crafted "Forever Cool: How to Achieve Ageless, Youthful, and Modern Personal Style, for Women and Men." First, I love a book that has pictures telling me exactly what looks bad and what would look better. It's classic show, don't tell.

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In Fashion: What not to buy for Father’s Day

Before you buy another polo shirt, another pair of khaki shorts or another predictable tie, stop and rethink your dad's (and your) sense of style. It may be time for dad to get a makeover, and you may be the one to bring him into the modern world of fashion.

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Redefining Fashion After Fifty

Dress your age, not your pant size.

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Stylin’ as a Boomer: Generation needn’t dress frumpy, too provocative

Sherrie Mathieson has seen the Hawaiian print shirts, the frumpy floral skirts and the dreaded Christmas sweaters. And Mathieson, a style consultant and costume designer who lives in New York City, has come to the conclusion that her generation of baby boomers is among the worst-dressed people in history.

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