Sherrie Mathieson, style consultant


Fashion Sense to Stay Forever Cool

Some baby boomers aren't doing a bang-up job of dressing themselves.
Sherrie Mathieson, an award-winning costume designer, style consultant and fellow boomer, comes to their rescue with the book Forever Cool (Thompson Peak, 2006) dedicated to helping baby boomers look their best.

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We Can Grow Old Fashionably, Consultant’s book aims to coax mature adults back into style

Something happens to a lot of women - men, too - when they turn 50. They lose their fashion sense. Well, maybe it's not so much that they lose it, as that it fades away - along with their waistline and stores that cater to older people with style. At least, that's the theory of Sherrie Mathieson, a former Hollywood costume designer turned style consultant and, most recently, author.

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San Antonio Express

If you're a baby boomer with little or no fashion drive -- or one searching for a look that defines your personal style -- Sherrie Mathieson is dying to steer you onto the runway of va-va boom.

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Staying Foxy At 50 +

Exhibit A: A devilishly dishy Meryl Streep, 55, busting in full décolletage mode, her peach portrait-collared Carolina Herrera leaving little to the imagination. If this is middle age, bring it on!

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Suited For Adulthood

No matter how many hours you've put into elliptical training and counting carbs, no matter how well you can maneuver your body into the actual clothes you wore in the 1970s and 1980s, there's no nice way to put this:
The effect just ain't the same.

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