Sherrie Mathieson, style consultant


Fashion After Fifty

"The age of 50 is like the witching hour," says Sherrie Mathieson, former movie costume designer and now fashion consultant and author of Forever Cool (Thompson Peak Publishing, 2006, $22.95 paperback). "At 50, things start to happen to your body."

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Sense of Style: How to look cool at any age


Stylist Sherrie Mathieson bans these from the closets of older women.

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Designer preaches message of style not fashion

Consider what baby boomers have faced in their sartorial lives since Mom stopped dressing them:

Beatnik black, mind-bending tie-dyed shirts, midi, mini and maxi skirts, granny dresses, beaded headbands, Nehru jack ets with peace symbol pen dants, unisex attire, love beads, hot pants, bell- bottom slacks, boots, platform shoes, lei sure suits, every thing polyes ter, Annie Hall's mens wear baggi ness, "Dynasty's" big hair and bigger shoulder pads, sneakers with business suits and grunge and minimalism.

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West Dressed

January is typically fashion's bleakest month. Winter sale merchandise clogs stores, and spring finery is a long way from ready-to-wear.

But as visitors from far and near descend on Denver to get their cowboy on at the National Western Stock Show and Rodeo, through Jan. 27, purveyors of Western wear have stocked up for tourists, ranch families and Western fashion aficionados....

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