Sherrie Mathieson, style consultant


Boomer Bottoms

by Kathy Flanigan
Milwaukee Mirror

September 2007

I love this book enough to tell you to look for it when it comes out on Oct. 9. Sherrie Mathieson has crafted “Forever Cool: How to Achieve Ageless, Youthful, and Modern Personal Style, for Women and Men.” First, I love a book that has pictures telling me exactly what looks bad and what would look better. It’s classic show, don’t tell.

But I also love the introduction to the book: “Seventy-five million Baby Boomers spend $100 billion annually on apparel and accessories; but you’d never know it by looking at them.” That’s some tough love, Sherrie. Bring it on.

She uses real people as her models—men and women—who have familiar jobs such as sales associate, real estate agent, nurse, chiropractor, insurance agent, you get the idea. On some pages you’ll find a “don’t picture” and the reasons why you never ever want to be seen in public in this or any similar outfit. The other side has the “do” version and the reasons why they work so much better. I don’t agree in every case but I have a few years before I get to the styles I disliked the most. Meanwhile, check out the photographs of the woman wearing bad jewelry. Who knew?

Mathieson has a nice conversational touch. She’s scolding but funny at the same time. I’d pay $22.95 for a copy of her book if it meant a drop in the sales of holiday sweaters.

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