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Baby it’s cold outside!

Saturday, January 6, 2018

I'm lucky to be in AZ but when I travel --I go to some cold places. This year much of the country is seeing temperatures below freezing. So the only joy --besides the occasional pretty scenery--are winter clothes! Here is a recent discovery I love. The look is "Wes Anderson meets the 40s, 50s, and very hip today".

I’m lucky to be in AZ but when I travel—I go to some cold places. This year much of the country is seeing temperatures below freezing. So the only joy—besides the occasional pretty scenery—are winter clothes! Here is a recent discovery I love. The look is “Wes Anderson meets the 40s, 50s, and very hip today”. imageimage


The cape is ageless high style—while very practical!

Sunday, December 31, 2017

I was just in Charleston , SC over Xmas...and it was unusually cold. Many women wore capes layered over warm sweaters. I LOVE that classic look. When "Forever Cool" was published people's eyebrows were raised over Lura (age 78 at the time) in a Ralph Lauren cape (it happened to have been form the "Men's" collection!)--but I knew this look was perfect for so many--and within a few years--here we are! I particularly love the cape when worn casually with a hat.

We were just in Charleston—and it was chilly! Women of all ages—layered a cape—over heavy sweaters to remain cozy. When I first put “Lura” who posed for my book “Forever Cool” in her late 70s in a Ralph Lauren cape (that was in the “men’s department”!)—I got many women questioning the look. Today she would be truly “cool” by all fashion standards. The cape is a classic! Here are some capes from In the Field—a favorite boutique of mine in Ojai, CA.


‘I’ll never get tired of emails like this…”

Sunday, December 17, 2017

In response to my Holiday message I received beautiful responses. Here is one I thought to definitely share with you…from 2015..
Sherrie, my dearest fashion consultant, the shootings in CA were in our hometown area. Redlands and San Bernardino, where my husband and I spent our youth and where I spent my first two years in college. The very street where the shooters lived in Redlands, is at the opposite end of the street where my husband and I bought our first old, two story, home together! My grandparents built their home in Redlands after moving from the South and my grandfather was a minister in the downtown church. The Loma Linda University Hospital, is where my sister worked as manager of Nurse Practitioners and my brother-in-law was a renowned cardiologist. We have extended family there currently. So sad. Sadder still, when I see the reaction to Muslims that sound so reminiscent of the rhetoric against Jewish citizens in Nazi Germany. Now, lets speak fashion. I couldn’t agree with you more….

Fashion is a truly transcendent joy in life, just as art and music are. When fashion is done well, it can raise our confidence and self esteem during difficult times. This in turn can lead us toward better behavior to others and even help us connect! When we feel good, our positive spirit brings joy toward others. Fashion is expressive and helps us tell others who we are, when we are doing it thoughtfully, which can serve to connect people. One of the most beautiful couples I have ever seen were seated at our table in a private dinner party. They were from India and he wore a beautiful, rich colored turban and she a beautiful long, sari type outfit. They were so gracious, colorful and dignified. It immediately led to conversation! And what a story they told.

When we traveled to Peru, I was taken in by the very old, traditional, colorful way the mountain people dressed. I wondered how I could capture some of their traditional spirit and translate it to San Diego California fashion! (I recall you stating in one of your books that ethnic styles can be classic.) We can never, but never, under estimate the power of textiles and style well communicated, and well done! We must keep our standards and keep teaching the younger generation. As you know, I am working on a much smaller scale, than you! I am trying to teach my granddaughter some of your style knowledge!

Thank you Sherrie for your wonderful message.

Your fan, Brenda Hubbs


Are you a “basket” case? It’s a good thing!

Monday, July 10, 2017

I look forward to summer style because it can be less expensive than cooler months. Part of the reason: accessories! Bags in general are getting so expensive if you value how they're designed or made. But the summer allows for gorgeous, can be classic--and often whimsical-- straw bags that I highly recommend. The WSJ article on these options was a tribute to the iconic summer bag.



Why too many logos on your wardrobe—show only insecurity..

Saturday, September 24, 2016

I went to yet another fashion show yesterday. It's part of my job. Sometimes observing the attendees is even more interesting (my past as a costume designer is a clue to my observations and never ended interest). I noted--once again (and too often) several women that had not only one logo--but as many as 5 on their outfits --ALL at once. I felt a bit sorry for these ladies who were hard-pressed to impress in this manner.Style is about great use of the art of the mix--color, pattern, texture, volume, proportions--it's never just about who is the designer you're wearing. I don't mind one logo somewhere--but to depend on logos reveals an insecurity by the wearer. Seeking "status" is not what real style is about. Its about creativity, modernity, and what truly enhances one's appearance.


A recent study reveals students learn better—from attractive instructors!

Tuesday, August 30, 2016

 A recent WSJ article discusses this intresting fact. And as an author of 2 books on style (pub: Random House) and after more than 4 decades styling--- I'm often hired to speak to professionals--and yes--also to teaching staffs. It's a fact that no matter how mother nature blessed you--it can always be improved upon. And teachers --like many professionals--can be an example.Personal style (not necessarily invasive procedures) are key. Better style reveals so much. It's a language. It not only improves your looks--it conveys how you think. Are you modern? Are you ageless in your thinking? It's amazing how putting an effort toward this end --reaps rewards.


Who will never hire me as her stylist?

Sunday, July 24, 2016

Who will never hire me? The answer is the one who loves to dress provocatively, and depending on age --even inappropriately. Why? Because getting attention--even if it's negative--is to some women  still preferable to being perceived as invisible.I understand that impulse. And many men are complicit.They often give Pavlovian stares which feed this need.  I see it in life-- and in all modes of media and celebrity culture. To me, it takes courage, self respect, and taste to choose understatement and subtlety.


The Tony’s best-dressed in a time when few are…

Friday, June 17, 2016

There are few well-dressed folks nowadays. Perhaps 1 % applies to the well-dressed rather than the wealthy. There are no rules. Bling , exhibitionism and gaudiness is celebrated.So when I see a few "lovelies" it heartens me. I noted these:



Great style discussion at DC Ranch Country Club!

Monday, May 2, 2016

My first "Forever Cool" demonstration was circa 13 years ago at the clubhouse. The event proved to me that boomers were truly interested in looking ageless and modern as they age. On April 29th, 2016 I was invited to discuss the subject of my books--and my work. We had great attendance with club members enjoying a lively discussion and putting forward a multitutude of sartorial concerns. I'm happy that I was also re- invited to do a fall event--and to lead a discussion on fall/winter wardrobe --as well as for the holidays. Thank you DC Ranch for all your help--it's been wonderful and I look forward to returning!


My style top hits on Oscars 2016..

Monday, February 29, 2016

As I mentioned Olivia Munn was perfection in a Stella McCartney orange dress.Her escort's navy tux made them a wonderful sartorial duo, as orange and navy compliment each other so well (but he suffered the bow-tie "askew" casualty). I loved Charlize's look too--but it takes a perfect body to pull it off. My other fave was Cate Blanchett who looked so soft and feminine--and for a change was not ruined by her hair stylist. Naomi Watts was quite lovely too (the blue red lipstick picking up the purple tone in her dress). was her man Liev Schreiber handsome in a well fitted tux and who's pant did not "pool" at the shoe. Loved too the Armani tuxedo tailored to the 10 year old Jacob Tremblay's small physique perfectly!




Mirror, mirror on the wall…

Friday, January 15, 2016

Who was the prettiest of them all --at the Golden Globes? In my opinion it was Jennifer Lawrence, and Lili James. Many of the women were again victims of their hair/makeup teams--as always. Even the ladies of the Today Show ecept Savannah Guthrie (interviewing the stars)..were ruined by bad makeup /hair/ and styling. A pity since they are actually pretty women who are "trying too hard!"). A good example of this was Cate Blanchett this year. The men were doing better (except for Tarantino). Kudos go to Leonardo Dicaprio (who I predict will win the Oscar this year--finally!), Brad Pitt, Tom Ford, Jon Hamm, Eddie Redmayne, Matt Lauer and Harrison Ford for looking great in their assorted well fitted tuxes, shirts and having their ties well knotted.



Take a fresh take on your personal style!

Monday, January 4, 2016

Reassess your style: A new special opportunity!

You deserve a second chance, in case you missed this opportunity in 2015.My books were written because I wanted everyone to benefit by my "ageless" philosophy. And I mean everyone--not only those who can hire me on a one-to-one basis.
If really followed--I guarantee my philosophy. You don't often hear that. My philosophy allows you to recognize the items you need. They do exist--but with all the confusing choices, youth oriented styles and gimmicks--it can seem as if the choices are not there for you anymore..
This is the most common complaint I hear from an aging population. Particularly Boomer women--and older. They rightfully still want to look youthful and modern...but are having huge issues in finding appropriate yet hip, stylish clothes.
But what are those items? What is their mix-match potential? And how do you recognize correct fit as your body changes? Perhaps your lifestyle has changed--so how do you change your wardrobe? What are good accessory choices? Where should you be shopping? Reassessment is key to looking current, vital, and your personal best.
You may be surprised when I state:THE WRONG CHOICES IN YOUR PERSONAL STYLE CAN BE MORE AGING THAN WRINKLES OR ANY OTHER PHYSICAL ISSUES YOU ARE FOCUSED ON! Getting invasive procedures is only good if they are successful--and are not enough in themselves.
So here is your new year opportunity: A RE-THINK!
Please send me a current full-figure photo of your self, and basic measurements (height, weight, bust, waist, hip, shoe sz). Fill me in on any physical issues that keep you from wearing certain pieces of clothing, shoes etc.
Let me know your wardrobe budget, and your location.
Send it to
 Then email all your style related concerns and questions. You are after-all unique---and should be viewed as such.
I'll need your email, and since this is not an "In-person" -- we can also Skype and/or have a phone conversation.
Special offer: A one-time fee of $225.00, via PayPal. Maximum 2 hrs.
Is it time? Is it your time?
All best!



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