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Do women necessarily want to look “sexy"in that same black evening dress??

Friday, January 4, 2008
I notice that 99.9% of the TV "makeovers", take women wearing raggedy clothing (usually casual) and take a "before "shot of them looking all straggly, outdated, and definitely needing help. But why is the transformation so often into an "after" that includes becoming a redhead, and invariably "transformed"in some sexed-up black cocktail/evening dress? Even as on "Oprah" recently, the goal was to show how a gal who's "butt" was too prominent in her jeans as the "before" was then presented in the same predictable black evening dress as an "after"...(not even an "apples to "apples" example there either).. Wouldn't it have been better to show a better pair of jeans or some sportier look? We are being programmed to think that women have only one desirable alternative, and it's always that uncaged sequined black number invariably greeted by "Oh my Gosh!"oohs and ahhs... Isn't it time to show that women can be attractive, modern and subtle in something less predictable?


Frigid weather and cover-ups for dressy evenings

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

I just read a bit of "advice' by a style columnist in a very well -known magazine. The advice was to be "practical" by wearing a short coat in wool or down ...just to get you from point A to point B.

I know it's usually a short distance (though not always..)... But my view is so different. Yes, I think you should be warm, but it's worth the effort (and if you can afford the expense) to pull together a cape or large shawl or long coat that will jive and compliment your dressed-up look. The alternative is like taking a subway to a black-tie kind of takes the spirit away...don't you think?


UGGS are everywhere…and yet…

Friday, December 14, 2007

Will they always be?

As I look at the winter wonderland outside my window I can almost rest assured that if it's a female that first crosses my vision between the age of one to 50 she may almost certainly be wearing a version of Uggs. Teenage girls love them so much they're running around in their Ugg boots and mini skirts even in the summer! Originally (when I first noticed them) I thought they resembled primitive "puppets". Not much "design"or sophistication seemed I never sought them for myself or my clients. This year, working on my new book ,I grappled with the thought "Could Uggs actually end up as a "classic"?. I included Hunter boots...but Uggs? I still am not convinced... But I did buy a pair of their slippers (love them) considering their gloves...and wished I had bought their stock before it was already at the "high"!


Holiday colors

Tuesday, December 11, 2007
Yawn! Why is it soooo the same? Go into any fashion store and see the pervasive palette of red (or worse, BURGUNDY!) PAIRED with black and lots of gold and glitz. It's so predictable, a harsh combination that shows no ingenuity...(almost as bad as the Holiday sweater!). Black alone, accessorized with black or even accessorized with silver or gold remains classic . A quality red dress could be amazing (I say "quality) because red is FLASHY and needs quality fabric and construction to be great....(then use black accessories) But why do the expected? Why always the red or burgundy/black combo? In Forever Cool I offer an option that should start you thinking....


“Green” Revolution is Forever Cool.

Thursday, November 29, 2007
I can't help but notice that not only did Barney's New York just send me their holiday catalog titled,"Have a Green Holiday"...but every magazine is devoting pages to eco-friendly efforts.. Well, at least I hope they are. They certainly work as a new and modern at times I wonder. But I truly hope there's substance and genuine action toward a very worthy cause. I already believe in eating organic, and using less energy and gas... So I guess I'm a perfect candidate to give any "green" effort special notice.


Did you catch me on The View?

Saturday, November 24, 2007
I hope so! (WED, NOV 14,2007) The View's producers wanted twins for the befores and afters. I dressed 4 twins but one set was eliminated with time concerns. It was lots of work but hopefully everyone enjoyed the results...



Saturday, November 24, 2007
RATINGS for "FOREVER COOL"on AMAZON SKYROCKETED after my appearance on THE VIEW. As much as I always think I don't succeed in getting across all that I wish to impart...I guess just having folks merely know that "Forever Cool" is AVAILABLE is half the journey. It certainly is the first step. TV is visual, and so is my subject.


Wish I wrote a novel…and could “travel lite”...

Tuesday, October 30, 2007
Some books are hard to write, but once written , that's all you need to take with you for book signing , events, and media exposure. I must admit I wish I could "travel lite" other words, had I written a book that didn't suggest or need visual support...Then I could just worry about "me". Nowadays I can hardly think of "me" alone. My message is visual, dependant on models, and so much of my book's appeal. So I feel like a fashion "Robert Altman" or " Martin Scorcese" (if you indulge me some excellent company) trying to get a group that I can always call on, and work with. I had something close to it in AZ...I wonder if I can gather a "troupe" of such wonderful, and available real people-models again out east.



Tuesday, October 23, 2007
Well, I'm doing my best to come up with some great volunteer "real" people models. Of course they need to be boomers or older. For but a brief segment, I'm going to try to show some great, affordable looks for women as they near and pass 50 and 60. Tentative date is Nov 14th!


Getting ready for Fifty Plus Expo and lots more…

Thursday, October 18, 2007
Well, it depends what day you speak to me...the schedules of TV and media change as I dare to prepare. I've been gathering real people models, with a sense of urgency.Women and men in the NYC metro area...near or over 50. There were 3 major shows on the table a day ago. One of them was on the topic of boomer dating, and my contribution, if not obvious, would have been to discuss the clothes that make such a difference. I listen to my single girlfriends and their woes. Meeting men from Match.Com or otherwise...what appears on their doorsteps is enough to shut the door at "Hello!". Forever Cool, brings men, FINALLY, into the conversation. Even married couples should know that you are seen and presented as a "unit" to the world. One can easily detract and visually "take away" from the other. Fashion and style is too often thought as only of interest to women. How wrong! Of course, as you begin dating anew, after divorce or death of a mate, it may prove as unnerving as ever. Looking modern and your most attractive can only help. Self-confidence is often closely tied to the feeling that you still can look great...and do.


Where are the great redheads?

Wednesday, October 10, 2007
Wow! Where are those redheads? Natural red hair almost always has the best texture and is usually thick. A few years ago many boomers were switching fom the ubiquitous blonde to the more unusual red. But it seems the pendulum has swung back to the blonde or brunette scenario. I've been searching ( I should perhaps be looking in Ireland or Scottland ? ) for "a needle in a haystack" it seems. I'm looking for a mother/daughter combo with red (preferably curly) hair for my new book.


Getting misquoted makes good advice hard to give

Tuesday, October 9, 2007
An aesthetic topic , as style, is so hard to make understood. Whenever I enjoy an interview...I can't wait to see the article that ensues. I always think I was successful at describing the "faux pas" as well as the antidote. Most of it is, I think, made plain in my book too.The book looks an "easy read"....but it must be really read like it was meant to be. I really care that readers get good advice. But it's the truly rare interview that states my advice all correctly and truly well...or that doesn't jumble it with another experts advice that unfortunately doesn't jive with mine.This process lends new meaning to "Lost In Translation''...***** The "usual suspect" moviestars that I would never pick as great style role models...are often plastered at every paragraph. They say "any publicity is good"...but I would love it (in my dreams!) if I could proofread them before. I hate to say it again...but no wonder so many people look as they do. ***** Some classic misquotes: I dislike pastels (not so, as I always say they're great when they're Preppy) I dislike glasses( love them, when they're modern in style!) and many more....


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