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A matter of taste!

Sunday, September 23, 2007
I remember Milena Canonero had a great observation about doing modern day clothes for movies...(and it's the same for commercials or for that matter, or a book like my "Forever Cool").."everyone has an opinion...!" She claimed that for period clothes, a costume designer, has an easier time. When people don't have much personal reference with it...the farther ago the times....the less opinions. How true! It's so hard to argue taste. I so often disagree even with what supposed other "experts" deem an "after" transformation. That's the issue I grapple with constantly, as I feel so assuredly that although there is always the exception to the rule... there is such thing as "great taste". I feel I know it when I see it...some folks don't recognize it. I also feel I know it when I achieve it. I always hope against hope that my readers and viewers will see the difference (refinement,appropriateness, class, artistry, and modernity) and truly appreciate the visuals I supply as examples...


An American Idol, Ralph Lauren

Saturday, September 22, 2007

That's the title of the October Issue, Town and Country's article heralding Ralph's new book and his life and incredible career. In Forever Cool he has the distinction of being one of the few designers that I applaud for their contribution to the aesthetic I describe as Forever Cool.He was, and continues to be one of my greatest influences. In the days of my costume design career, he helped me with my work by introducing already "worn"looking casual clothing that allowed me to skip the tedious and artificial process of beating up and washing clothes prior to a shoot, so that they look worn and not new. I love the way he describes his supportive of my insistance that observation is key to great style. I also love how he describes his wife Ricky, her naturalness, uniqueness, and his best example of what he's all about.


I’m a “late bloomer”?

Tuesday, September 18, 2007
As a costume designer and stylist working in NYC for so many of my younger years...I'd hop into a cab and head straight to a dep't store or costume house. I didn't have enough time to look "right or left". In important ways I was divorced from the real world. It took moving out west, my transition into the private sector with private clients, , meeting and having friends outside of the "film business" for a change, and yes, getting take that necessary pause....become more reflective...a better observer than ever before, and see what's truly around me.... I couldn't have "bloomed" into the person I am today with the goals I have today (and be taken seriously by my contemporaries)...without the time it took....and the age I needed to be... to speak well as an "expert" on my subject.


Working at fever pace on sequel

Thursday, August 16, 2007
At times I wish I could clone myself because the new volume requires most of my time. A daunting project to say the least...and very challengig. The new book will be focused on boomer ladies but with a wonderful "twist". Soon I also hope to begin promoting the new copies of Forever Cool through Random House. New Canaan , CT may be my first book signing event!


I received an interesting compliment

Sunday, August 5, 2007
My husband and I were seated at a favorite restaurant in NYC, next to a young couple (perhaps 30 something?)... They generously offered to share the rest of their wine with us...and all of a sudden the young lady announced that she hoped she'd look like me ("my casual/hip style, my youthful skin/figure", she declared!) when she gets to be my age (never actually discussed)... So it really felt like a nice compliment ...especially since that's what my books are about...and I'd better be "an example"...Right? I wondered how old she thought I was (I often need reminding of my age)...but then I realized it didn't matter....I was presumed somewhat ageless. That's my goal for all my readers,too.


Looking around NYC

Tuesday, July 24, 2007
Interesting... NYC has always been deemed as a sophisticated, well-dressed(comparitively) city. But lately I've wondered...has it changed? It seems to me that with the exception of a small section of the city where you see beautifully dressed men and women... The strange (unbelievable stuff!) and the sloppy is as ubiquitous here as anywhere else... Perhaps it's the pervasive fashions coupled with general tastelessness, that eventually knows no boundaries.


So busy with new book!

Tuesday, July 10, 2007
Working on the new book, has left me little time to even blog the latest progress.... The last edition of "Forever Cool" will be eliminated from all booksellers as of now...Amazon will sell what little of the last edition they have left. NOW THE NEW EDITION (SAME BOOK- DIFFERENT COVER, FROM RANDOM HOUSE/CLARKSON_POTTER) IS AVAILABLE FOR PRE-ORDERS INSTEAD.


Will they ever “smell the coffee?”

Monday, April 30, 2007
Even magazines that I recommend in Forever Cool, because of their high-end taste level are remiss in recognizing the over-fifty demographic... Here is a plea on their "letter to the editor" page, from this month's issue. ...."As an aesthetician,an instructor and a T&C subscriber who's over fifty, I would appreciate seeing more information for baby boomers. Show us dress suits (including swimsuits) that we can wear comfortably and that complement our figures. Feature shoes that we can walk in and make-up that becomes us. Include models that are fifty plus wearing them. Even those in our fifties are still interested in sophistication and glamour when it comes to the way we look." More of us need to write in as she did.


Forever Cool discussion in book clubs

Monday, April 16, 2007
What a great idea! More, and more I hear of what a great starting point for discussing (and venting!) Forever Cool is for book clubs. Books of all types and diversified topics can be part of a book club's picks. It's great to go for something a bit more lighthearted, after grappling with serious and very complex issues. Forever Cool actually discusses the importance of personal style in the world, so it's not necessarily a superficial pursuit...but it certainly should be part of the fun and self expression you can have "forever"!


Adjustments in Calendar and Events

Thursday, April 5, 2007
Because of some very very good, and pending change in the incredible life of "Forever Cool" (soon to be announced!)... I had to cancel the Dallas event , for now. I hope to reschedule in the near future. Exciting stuff "in the works" and I'm looking forward to telling you all soon!


Can you be an over-50 model?

Wednesday, March 21, 2007
I'm looking for men and women of diverse races, ethnicity, and sizes. You need not be a "model type", but need to have an extroverted personality that enjoys attention. Good posture, a pleasant face with a good smile are "a must". You can reference the volunteers in the "Forever Cool " book to see how you compare. Geographically it would be advantageous if you live in the NYC area, or Fairfield, CT area, or Westchester, NY area. If you are enjoying flexible time, it would be "a plus". The modeling would be compensated by my shopping (for free) for your clothes(which you can buy afterwards) that would be featured in the Over-Fifty Expo (see EVENTS), and supplementing it with free style advice that is otherwise,of course, paid for. Another book is in the nascent stage, and you may be considered for that as well. If interested, e-mail me through this website, and we can discuss this fun opportunity in greater detail. Thank you!


Christiane Northrup, MD..and how our messages interweave

Sunday, March 18, 2007
Listening to a PBS program featuring Christiane Northrup,MD, speaking about her life's work with women and their challenges as they transition into their older years, solidified further what I've long felt. So much of her message, as is Dr Weill's (who's latest book I tout in my "Get Inspired" section), is so helpful as you work on your inner being, for #1, better health and #2, better attitude. Without those two important components...your best external work, which personal style is so much a part of, ( my work's focus ) difficult to achieve. Yet they are interwoven...because looking your best externally definately bolsters self-confidence and positive feelings necessary for taking care of yourself. Nothing is isolated, is it? It's all holistically connected.


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