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Can you be an over-50 model?

Wednesday, March 21, 2007
I'm looking for men and women of diverse races, ethnicity, and sizes. You need not be a "model type", but need to have an extroverted personality that enjoys attention. Good posture, a pleasant face with a good smile are "a must". You can reference the volunteers in the "Forever Cool " book to see how you compare. Geographically it would be advantageous if you live in the NYC area, or Fairfield, CT area, or Westchester, NY area. If you are enjoying flexible time, it would be "a plus". The modeling would be compensated by my shopping (for free) for your clothes(which you can buy afterwards) that would be featured in the Over-Fifty Expo (see EVENTS), and supplementing it with free style advice that is otherwise,of course, paid for. Another book is in the nascent stage, and you may be considered for that as well. If interested, e-mail me through this website, and we can discuss this fun opportunity in greater detail. Thank you!


Christiane Northrup, MD..and how our messages interweave

Sunday, March 18, 2007
Listening to a PBS program featuring Christiane Northrup,MD, speaking about her life's work with women and their challenges as they transition into their older years, solidified further what I've long felt. So much of her message, as is Dr Weill's (who's latest book I tout in my "Get Inspired" section), is so helpful as you work on your inner being, for #1, better health and #2, better attitude. Without those two important components...your best external work, which personal style is so much a part of, ( my work's focus ) difficult to achieve. Yet they are interwoven...because looking your best externally definately bolsters self-confidence and positive feelings necessary for taking care of yourself. Nothing is isolated, is it? It's all holistically connected.


Readiness to reasses, curiosity, and an open mind…

Monday, March 12, 2007
I love it when I sense a certain willingness to change, and the ability see another point of view . Certainly these qualities are necessary to evolve and grow. I like to think those are youthful qualities, and would allow a person to look more youthful as well. This "openess" is important for the "Forever Cool" reader. It allows you to really consider the ideas in the book, and how they might apply to you.


Classic, good advice applicable to any season

Monday, March 5, 2007
Some of "ForeverCool" readers may live in either very warm or cooler climates. The lessons in this book were chosen irrespective of seasonal changes (unless I'm discussing seasonal clothing specifically). So many of the outfits are pictured to prove a style point ...rather than suggest that if you live in Florida, for instance, you should literaly think of that specific layered (possibly too warm) look. The book is not a magazine that addresses seasonal and transitory fashion. It was meant to serve all readers, no matter their geographic location. Perhaps one day I can offer readers books that target specific geography exclusively, and even specific lifestyle choices. The sky's the limit!


Well Past 50

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Read my tips on

It's another fast growing boomer site.

Thanks to the Dove Pro-Age campaign, more folks in the media "are smelling the coffee".

But there's a long road between "lip-service" and a reality that many boomers would like to see happen.

I'd like to help bring that modern, positive reality into being....even faster!


Women’s Mentor Network

Wednesday, February 14, 2007
Today I spoke for nearly one hour with Barbara Giamanco of Women's Mentor Network. She asked great questions which allowed me the opportunity to delve into the book's subject in greater depth than usual. If you want to hear the interview,log into (by Friday Feb.16th it should be up). I'll try to have accessability on my site soon as well.Thank you Barbara, for doing what you do so well.


Women’s mentoring

Monday, February 5, 2007

There's a great new women's mentoring group in Atlanta.They have an e-newsletter that includes important and useful information. At their request I wrote a column on the subject of "Taste" and its relevance to "Forever Cool", and will be speaking in Atlanta to their members at a future date. Click here to read my column and see what the organization is all about.



Publicity Video

Monday, February 5, 2007

Here is video footage from some of the television appearances I have made while promoting Forever Cool: How to Achieve Ageless, Youthful and Modern Personal Style.



Miami Herald

Wednesday, January 24, 2007


Check out on my PRESS page ...the article on Forever Cool, opinions on the over-50 looks at the Golden Globes, and some of my "cool" tips...all in the MIAMI HERALD.


Fashion advice everywhere “but not a drop to drink?”

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

As I read (or try to) the plethora of diverse advice...I try to put myself in the place of the layman.

How much of the advice is similar astounds me. So much is funneled through advertising and little that's tangible, good advice.No one really stops to think about the ground-rules, the "core" . We jump to sound-bites and tips immediately.

We need to understand that style, at its core is a visual subject that is applied to ourselves.

"Style"is about aesthetics....and taste.

An arguable best.

The layman needs to understand their aesthetic roots, analize their personal taste, and be real about their current physical shape. We are all unique individuals, with different personalities and lifestyles, and concerns.The Boomers are lumped together as an age group. But take it from me, they are as diverse as other age groups. That's why writing and photographing "Forever Cool" was such a challenge.


New move!

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Just moved back to the east coast.

With all that entails I'm just trying to keep up with all the book interviews, contributions to sites like (check it out!) and making plans for this years Forever Cool seminars and events.

My clients have been wonderful with this transition. Hopefully NYC will be our meeting point as often as possible. It remains the best place to shop.


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