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Defining your own “style uniform”?

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Annette Tapert's article in WSJ "A Salute to Women  in Uniform" conjures up Slim Keith's "sexy,outdoorsy, chic and athletic" style". Though I wonder if she kept her "slim" figure with the cigarette habit that was so accepted as part of the lifestyle in those days--she was dubbed the first "California Girl" at the time which envisions outdoorsy good health. She favored a "house uniform" which was somewhat preppy--including khakis, tailored shirts, jackets, and soft moccasins. Audrey Hepburn (not mentioned in the article) paired her everyday to Lacoste shirts (as I do today, including RL polos) with jeans (I love my Nike pants and/or jodphur style pants). Carolina Herrera was also not noted, but should have been for her long sleeved white shirts worn with her daytime to black tie looks.

The ultra simple wardrobe items I mentioned are classics--and easily implemented and transformed by accessories (including shoes/boots). One of the important points Ms Tapert makes is "A uniform should be a tool to help us define our style. The paring down of a wardrobe actually inspires you to use your imagination more, and to experiment with fabrics, colors, accessories or whatever your passion may be".