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Boomer style would benefit from classic simplicity!

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

I use myself and my clients as "proof of the pudding" that my theory works. Simplicity is key--and has become almost unique. Most Boomers (and older folks) are over-accessorizing and wearing excessive prints, etc. ..and end up looking too "lady-like" and older.They over-think style and thanks to places like Chico's--age themselves.If you have a limited budget your best discipline is to buy classics (in current cuts) and in the best quality you can afford.

One of the best investments you can make is a pair of knee high boots. I've invested in them for years (as well as high Hunter rain boots)--and they are an integral part of my winter "uniform".They need to be flat (for a more youthful look of vitality)--have a pointier toe for leg lengthening effect --rather than the round toe (which authentic riding boots have). The sleeker and simpler--the better. Start with black, and eventually get a true dark brown (not reddish in tone). Your bag (and if you wear a belt) should work with the color you wear.

Wear them with slim legged navy denim jeans or even white jeans.Wear a simple, classic button- down shirt (boyfriend style--worn outside the pant). I love using blue shirts (solid, checked, striped).

You'll find yourself looking attractive, youthful--and most importantly--comfortable.A sweater or jacket can be added. A poncho or cape can easily add casual glamor--there are endless variations to this theme.