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Boomers imagined they’d never age….

Thursday, September 25, 2014

"Now we have to deal with it.." writes Michele Willens in The NYTimes, "When Did We Get So Old?". This "must-read" article hits so many truths, I had to smile (or grimace?) in recognition..."Why some of us cope better with the troubling transition may be based on how we measure our self-esteem. “If a person bases his or her pride of self on having won a tournament at 18, they are very vulnerable later on,” says Dr. Gould. “There’s money, there are houses, there are face-lifts. They all help a little, but none matters enough unless your sense of self is not directly related to age.”

Even deciding whether or not to color our hair, not to mention take advantage of cosmetic procedures, presents a boomer dilemma: Can we stay true to our feminism while ceding to our narcissism? In her memoir, Hillary Rodham Clinton writes about being the toughest in the rooms where war and peace were discussed. Still, she is already seeing that her health, fatigue-factor, and even becoming a grandmother may yet speak unspoken volumes. It won’t be much fun being the oldest in the race.

The uh-oh moments, of course, do not come only when we look around that proverbial room and find that everyone else looks like they just attended their bar or bat mitzvah. But the ones that tend to gnaw are when someone gets up to offer you a seat, calls you ma’am, asks if you have grandchildren. Desperately seeking compliments can become a full-time job."....

I contemplate these issues and navigate through the same  emotions daily. My experience in the world of style has empowered me to think up my new philosophy for boomers like myself. There is no doubt (Gwen Stefani agrees:))If you look more youthful and your best--it helps your self confidence in a youth centered world. It does not include the obvious shops, nor what the media often touts. I take it as a challenge.