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“Six ways to avoid shopping mistakes..”

Thursday, November 6, 2014

..are discussed in the WSJ article "Oops I Did it Again" by Meenal Mistry.She begins.."HELL HATH NO FURY like a woman with ill-fitting designer pants and a receipt bearing the hateful red block letters: "FINAL SALE."Sooo true!..she continues"That woman, dear reader, was me—standing before a full-length mirror in my bedroom, puzzling over the inexplicable combination of a gaping waist and narrower-than-comfortable legs on a pair of Céline tuxedo trousers, and, of course, getting madder by the minute.My impotent anger was directed as much toward the bubbly and seemingly well-intentioned blonde salesgirl who talked me into buying them ("You'll have them forever!" she retail-cheerleaded) as it was toward myself. After all, as a fashion professional in her late 30s, I had over time crafted a precise set of rules to avoid just such mishaps. But I had neglected to follow them. The punishment—mental anguish over the loss of a few hundred dollars—felt cruel and unusual...." In summary: #1 Walk away if the iem you're considering doesn't immediately make you feel fantastic.#2 Sales are suspect-Well made wardrobe builders rarely languish on racks (yes even at high prices!). #3 Tailors are not fashion wizards..they can only do so much.#4 Hold grudges--keep a list of blunders, so you're not doomed to repeat them.#5 The Internet is key to shopping well...especially "What's New" and Amazon's Universal Wish List". #6 You will lose on shoes?...well they're the biggest gamble, because you don't know if they fit till you've worn them. So make an educated guess, and walk on a rug awhile before you hit the sidewalks:)...