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Has JCrew lost it’s creative edge?

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

This article discusses the firms recent travails. If you're a JCrew customer you might have noticed constant promotional "sales"lately. I've been a huge fan of JCrew and have praised it for many years. It fills a necessary style/pricepoint factor--as well as a spin on classics that is so valuable to the public. Recently I gave a fun seminar to a mostly young audience (but an healthy mix of circa 90 people) at a private school--where I tried to encourage them to frequent J Crew for well priced clothes that can be mixed easily. The catalogs they mail are the best --due to the photography, and adorable models-- more than anything. The artistic mixing they've developed (and since been copied by everyone)  was highly creative--but probably gave many less expert woman a licence to be less than wonfderful in their interpretations.Mixing well is an art that not everyone masters.But I hope JCrew continues to inspire and refresh their creativity..OK Jenna?