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How not to age yourself? Let’s begin at the top..

Friday, January 16, 2015

This year I hope to give each month a tip on what truly ages people (besides the horrific news we get daily..). I'm grateful my work defines what is attainable and with effort and interest very doable. As I've long held--it's much more about personal style than wrinkles. So starting at the top--your eyeglasses. Eyeglass frames run the gamut. Every 5 years what's considered "youthful" changes radically--especially for women. Nowadays plastic rims--especially large squared ones are very "in" with the younger set. Hip, modern glasses are appropriate no matter your age. They make a huge difference--as the face is usually a first focal point. Plastic squared or rectangle with a slight upward angle at the outer edge will give a "facelift" to your image. I still like neutral colors--if only for practical reasons (same reason you'll learn later that neutral nail polish is best). Rimless, or wire glasses will age you as a woman--but not men (life's unfair!:)

Wear less eye makeup if you wear glasses.A brown/ashy shade of shadow, and light mascara on the top  lid only. Save the bold colors for your lips--and consider a tawny shade for everyday.Keep your brows natural as possible--but well groomed. If the pencil or powder shows--you've defeated the purpose.Blend everything well--"The last thing you want your glasses to do is magnify sloppy work!" says Bobbi Brown, in "Living Beauty". Then, over your daily moisturizer with SPF--dab lightly over only skin imperfections a light reflecting natural makeup. Finish with a peachy blush or bronzer on the apples of your cheeks, forehead temples and nose tip...for a healthy, vibrant look.