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How to wear red/white and blue…stylishly?

Thursday, July 3, 2014

Here it is --The Fourth Of July! Let's take a break from the world's (and our personal) problems to relax and celebrate. Generally, most of you may want to dress casually (but not "corny") for whatever you're doing..barbecues, road trips etc.I'll begin with our feet because style and comfort is essential. Did you know there's a rubber-soled revolution going on? So depending on your age and body type, you can make a great choice of sneakers in many colors --but of course red, white and blue are everywhere. J Crew has worked with Nike and New Balance on some fabulous sneakers in red and in navy. They also have navy striped espadrilles. Prada came out with their leather version (soooo chic) of Converse sneakers in white or red, and suede moccassins.. This color scheme can carry you well through this summer.

Tods has gorgeous red and navy driving moccassins. Some are in patent--which are better for rainy days.

I believe in keeping things simple with updated classics and some layering if you wish. This morning Martha Stewart (now in her 70s!) wore an age and figure appropriate outfit on the Today Show. Her base outfit was white (invest in white cotton pants,--especially white jeans!) --then she layered it with a blue sweater that was short sleeved and shorter than the underlayer (Martha's challennge--to detract from a heavy middle area, otherwise known as an "apple" figure). She wore navy wedge-espadrilles to lengthen her already long legs (for a thinner overall look). It was stylish with clean lines.

I'll offer some samples of personal favorites!