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Sunday, December 17, 2017

In response to my Holiday message I received beautiful responses. Here is one I thought to definitely share with you…from 2015..
Sherrie, my dearest fashion consultant, the shootings in CA were in our hometown area. Redlands and San Bernardino, where my husband and I spent our youth and where I spent my first two years in college. The very street where the shooters lived in Redlands, is at the opposite end of the street where my husband and I bought our first old, two story, home together! My grandparents built their home in Redlands after moving from the South and my grandfather was a minister in the downtown church. The Loma Linda University Hospital, is where my sister worked as manager of Nurse Practitioners and my brother-in-law was a renowned cardiologist. We have extended family there currently. So sad. Sadder still, when I see the reaction to Muslims that sound so reminiscent of the rhetoric against Jewish citizens in Nazi Germany. Now, lets speak fashion. I couldn’t agree with you more….

Fashion is a truly transcendent joy in life, just as art and music are. When fashion is done well, it can raise our confidence and self esteem during difficult times. This in turn can lead us toward better behavior to others and even help us connect! When we feel good, our positive spirit brings joy toward others. Fashion is expressive and helps us tell others who we are, when we are doing it thoughtfully, which can serve to connect people. One of the most beautiful couples I have ever seen were seated at our table in a private dinner party. They were from India and he wore a beautiful, rich colored turban and she a beautiful long, sari type outfit. They were so gracious, colorful and dignified. It immediately led to conversation! And what a story they told.

When we traveled to Peru, I was taken in by the very old, traditional, colorful way the mountain people dressed. I wondered how I could capture some of their traditional spirit and translate it to San Diego California fashion! (I recall you stating in one of your books that ethnic styles can be classic.) We can never, but never, under estimate the power of textiles and style well communicated, and well done! We must keep our standards and keep teaching the younger generation. As you know, I am working on a much smaller scale, than you! I am trying to teach my granddaughter some of your style knowledge!

Thank you Sherrie for your wonderful message.

Your fan, Brenda Hubbs