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Jeans are classic and ageless..sometimes!

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

This article in the NY Times deconstructs how jeans--the one clothing item--ike pizza as a food item---most everyone relates to or has owned. Even my hopefully soon- to -be 90 year old mother wears an age appropriate--dark navy, unembellished, purist, straight legged and at her waist--pair.

In the 80s I showed up on the set with a pre-torn pair from Ralph Lauren (yes... the classically oriented designer!) and the director questioned (if not so politely) my sartorial choice. He was truly a classicist--and today --30 years later --I agree with his distaste. It was the style's first go-around in the 80's

when many unsightly looks germinated and today are regurgitated to a new, receptive generation (and those going for an inappropriate second dose of "don'ts!").The issue is mostly about "pretension"--if not pure silly- ness. After all--jeans

are a "purist's" item. They are best as authentic--and you can pick the "rise" or leg style for your body. As I said in "Forever Cool" .."dare to be classic" will find yourself in the minority today. The absurd is too often embraced as fashion.