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Mom Genes as opposed to Mom’s Jeans

Friday, May 16, 2014

Cute OP-ART article on Mother's day about borrowing from mom.

But it's important for Boomer ladies to note that most of the items photographed including this coat is best when worn in your 20s or 30s --even though the sentiment is lovely. As one ages fabric quality is extremely important. Fabrics that have been "worn" by time will age you. Certain styles will age you as well. Only the best of the best of yesteryear can compare to a new purchase of good quality today. The best items to "steal" are accessories...particularly high-end ones.I was never fortunate to inherit any accessories from my still (touch wood!) active mom --although her knitting talent was inspirational throughout my life. But I inherited a gorgeous Mexican silver necklace passed on to my mom from my Aunt Ruth, and recently given to me. I love this necklace and feel close to both women when I wear it.