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Monday, March 12, 2007
I love it when I sense a certain willingness to change, and the ability see another point of view . Certainly these qualities are necessary to evolve and grow. I like to think those are youthful qualities, and would allow a person to look more youthful as well. This "openess" is important for the "Forever Cool" reader. It allows you to really consider the ideas in the book, and how they might apply to you.


Sherrie your books are among the select few fashion books that I keep close at hand. They are my style Bibles! Your use of real models, a defined color scheme and classicly updated lines work. Further, we readers aren’t insulted by being told not to look OL, (Old Lady). What’s bad about being over 50? The low key make-up and choices of shoes that offer comfort plus style, is unique among fashion books of this era. The use of women of color and varied lengths of hair was refreshing. No, we aren’t all the same, thank God! I like the fact that you don’t waste time explaining body types, but simply demonstrate how to dress them by the examples of your models. I am eagerly looking forward to more books. Perhaps packing for different types of vacations, dressing for summer on the West Coast, streamlining a wardrobe with some basics that work well, and/or dressing with style on a budget. Sherrie, DON’T STOP WRITING! You are gifted in the subject area at communicating your ideas. I was once told by a gifted teacher that genius isn’t just having creative ideas, it is the gift of being able to bring those ideas to fruition and communicate them to others, that is true genious. This is your gift! I would love to hear back from you.

Brenda Lisa Hubbs on June 3, 2010 at 3:14 MST

I’m so heartened and really touched by your comments.
You are exemplary in your perception and thankfully you have gathered so much (as I had hoped) from my book efforts.
Of course I would LOVE to do more. Some of my readers have urged me to start a magazine. It all sounds great but difficult to achieve.
My 2 books were a huge undertaking (a labor of love, and a perhaps naive goal that I could effect real change) for one person with no staff or assistants. But generally books, and authors need to be big commercial successes, to get support from publishers nowadays.
Books need constant publicity to remain in the public consciousness—an expensive endeavor for any author.
So there’s more to writing a book than meets the eye—especially books like mine.
So for now I continue to put forth my thoughts on my blog, and as a contributing expert to varied media and online material.
I love communicating with women like you—women who “get it” (and a few men too!)—and that’s my true reward.

Sherrie Mathieson on June 10, 2010 at 10:54 MST