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Monday, January 4, 2016

Reassess your style: A new special opportunity!

You deserve a second chance, in case you missed this opportunity in 2015.My books were written because I wanted everyone to benefit by my "ageless" philosophy. And I mean everyone--not only those who can hire me on a one-to-one basis.
If really followed--I guarantee my philosophy. You don't often hear that. My philosophy allows you to recognize the items you need. They do exist--but with all the confusing choices, youth oriented styles and gimmicks--it can seem as if the choices are not there for you anymore..
This is the most common complaint I hear from an aging population. Particularly Boomer women--and older. They rightfully still want to look youthful and modern...but are having huge issues in finding appropriate yet hip, stylish clothes.
But what are those items? What is their mix-match potential? And how do you recognize correct fit as your body changes? Perhaps your lifestyle has changed--so how do you change your wardrobe? What are good accessory choices? Where should you be shopping? Reassessment is key to looking current, vital, and your personal best.
You may be surprised when I state:THE WRONG CHOICES IN YOUR PERSONAL STYLE CAN BE MORE AGING THAN WRINKLES OR ANY OTHER PHYSICAL ISSUES YOU ARE FOCUSED ON! Getting invasive procedures is only good if they are successful--and are not enough in themselves.
So here is your new year opportunity: A RE-THINK!
Please send me a current full-figure photo of your self, and basic measurements (height, weight, bust, waist, hip, shoe sz). Fill me in on any physical issues that keep you from wearing certain pieces of clothing, shoes etc.
Let me know your wardrobe budget, and your location.
Send it to
 Then email all your style related concerns and questions. You are after-all unique---and should be viewed as such.
I'll need your email, and since this is not an "In-person" -- we can also Skype and/or have a phone conversation.
Special offer: A one-time fee of $225.00, via PayPal. Maximum 2 hrs.
Is it time? Is it your time?
All best!