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The cape is ageless high style—while very practical!

Sunday, December 31, 2017

I was just in Charleston , SC over Xmas...and it was unusually cold. Many women wore capes layered over warm sweaters. I LOVE that classic look. When "Forever Cool" was published people's eyebrows were raised over Lura (age 78 at the time) in a Ralph Lauren cape (it happened to have been form the "Men's" collection!)--but I knew this look was perfect for so many--and within a few years--here we are! I particularly love the cape when worn casually with a hat.

We were just in Charleston—and it was chilly! Women of all ages—layered a cape—over heavy sweaters to remain cozy. When I first put “Lura” who posed for my book “Forever Cool” in her late 70s in a Ralph Lauren cape (that was in the “men’s department”!)—I got many women questioning the look. Today she would be truly “cool” by all fashion standards. The cape is a classic! Here are some capes from In the Field—a favorite boutique of mine in Ojai, CA.