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The Golden Globe 2015 had as many well dressed men—as ladies.

Monday, January 12, 2015

This year I was encouraged to see many men loooking really handsome in their tuxes and dark navy suits. Not as many gaudy choices, ties askew, poor fits, or pants puddling at the ankles (they still present themselves often--and when will Robert Downey Jr get a lesson on stylee) .Of course George Clooney, Seth Myers and Colin Firth always get it right. This year I was amazed at Channing Tatum (a not so easy body to fit), Matt Bomer, Owen Wilson, Harrison Ford , Michael Keaton and many others who really got it right. Adriane Brody was able to pull off a more trendy combination--he has a great physique for clothes.The women were sexy and lovely--but my favorites? My clear winner is Julianne Moore who has great instincts. Her choice was simply GORGEOUS! Emma Stone was my second favorite and Salma Hayeek was my third pick. I thought pregnant Kiera Knightley took a risky fashion choice with her Chanel...but it too--looked great .