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The style “Elephant in the Room” for women in power..

Saturday, November 1, 2014

The exhibit and this humorous article review is well worth your time, if the seemingly forever "head scratching" issue of "women in power's" style is of interest to you. It is to me as a stylist, certainly--but it is also part of the larger discussion of the subliminal language of style.I  hold that most women political candidates, and newscasters, political wives  (also under public scrutiny) are rarely "into" clothes. They are thrown into this position as women in the public's eye. The proof of the pudding, is that very few do it well. Again, I hold that "interest" makes you better at anything in life. The lack of real interest coupled by current ideas on what's appropriate and the constraints of their personal physiques--present less than wonderful results. Since being more attractive not only makes a huge difference in female self-confidence--and also the subliminal public view of the individual (having nothing to do with your true worth but all about contributing to "likability"). I wonder why more (men too!) don't invest in a really good stylist as they would seek the council of a good doctor for health issues?