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Weighing in on Oscars 2015 ...

Monday, February 23, 2015

My very  favorites were Julianne Moore, Jennifer Lopez (the most beautiful cleavage I've ever seen!), Dakota Johnson --her white skin beautiful in red, Jennifer Hudson wears yellow beautifully, a thinner Meryl Streep in a very flattering and feminine 3 pc outfit with a lovely belt (all great--except for those aging glasses she often favors for black-tie) the very pregnant Keira Knightley (who still manages to look great), Marion Cotillard ( but less enamored by the hairstyle) and lovely Cate Blanchett...I loved that turquoise necklace against her simply elegant black dress .I wear Ralph Lauren's turquoise necklace on  the cover of "Forever Cool" over my navy shirt smile of course I love it:). Many of the men espoused the new navy tux trend..and when it's well fitted it looks great--like Eddie Redmayne. Again, congratulations to the Best Costume design winner -- Milena Canonero...and finally my vote was for American Sniper as Best Picture.