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What ages you at the neckline?

Saturday, February 21, 2015

My last blog on Jan. 16th, discussed glasses and make-up. So "movin-on-down" (as promised) we come upon a very tell-tale area at the neckline and shoulders-- where skin is no longer taut. It varies from person to person of course. (The late Nora Ephron's "I Hate My Neck!" lent humor to something we all complain about). But if you know that dressing is all about smoke-and-mirrors you'll feel empowered. You cannot count on tight turtlenecks because unless you have a strong firm jawline and a long neck--the skin is pulled--thereby aggravating the situation.

So amongst the best options are: A loose cowl neck turtle neck, or an infinity scarf that creates the same effect or a long scarf that you loosely coil around the neck (high enough to basically camouflage your neck). But my favorite is to go "against intuition"--by exposing the neck fully and wearing a V-necked shirt (or any V-necked top, or jacket) with the collar up if possible to frame the neck. A beautiful "statement necklace" or classic large white pearls (decent sized) can deflect from your neck's imperfections as well. Make sure the colors you pick to wear truly flatter your complexion for a "healthy/vibrant" appearance.