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Why too many logos on your wardrobe—show only insecurity..

Saturday, September 24, 2016

I went to yet another fashion show yesterday. It's part of my job. Sometimes observing the attendees is even more interesting (my past as a costume designer is a clue to my observations and never ended interest). I noted--once again (and too often) several women that had not only one logo--but as many as 5 on their outfits --ALL at once. I felt a bit sorry for these ladies who were hard-pressed to impress in this manner.Style is about great use of the art of the mix--color, pattern, texture, volume, proportions--it's never just about who is the designer you're wearing. I don't mind one logo somewhere--but to depend on logos reveals an insecurity by the wearer. Seeking "status" is not what real style is about. Its about creativity, modernity, and what truly enhances one's appearance.