Sherrie Mathieson, style consultant

Style Consulting

My Thoughts on Ageless Style

The interview below covers some of my thoughts, that would help your quest for a timeless, youthful age appropriate style.We explore inspiration and how to aquire the skills and the "eye". What is beauty as we age? What works, and what are the pitfalls?...t's a long talk but covers some interesting ground. Curious? I hope so!

How I can help you as your Style Consultant

Most importantly is how I differ from a Personal Shopper or even a trusted salesperson. In working together with me you are ensured a totally honest, thoroughly educated, extensively experienced, informed and tasteful evaluation at all times.

My work is never influenced by outside monetary incentive. I am not allied with any store, etc.

I advise on all matters of style! I can help guide you on anything from great clothing to interior design. I specialize in pulling together a wardrobe, but at times a natural progression leads to home furnishing, and the aesthetic of exterior spaces and landscape (because a person usually dresses the way they decorate).

Years working as a Costume Designer and Stylist for Film, TV and Print has given me extraordinary experience and training. I am thoroughly versed in fashion history and skilled in the design and execution of clothing.

My ability to observe, intuit and 'listen' is well-established on projects that included many celebrities, directors, and producers. I am a 'team-player,' and you and I will both be on the same team!

As your Style Consultant, here's what you can expect to receive from my services. You will learn how to:


  • Have a fashionable but also practical, and easy wardrobe for your lifestyle.
  • Achieve an appropriate and thoroughly modern style and look for your professional life.
  • Obtain the best wardrobe at the best of prices.
  • Spend where most appropriate and useful.
  • Cultivate a style unique to you and true to your personality.
  • Delight in having clothing 'custom' designed and created for you exclusively.
  • Cut shopping time and simplify the shopping experience.
  • Avoid shopping mistakes.
  • Select from current fashions what is appropriate and still modern for you, as you age.
  • Understand the 'art' of the mix.
  • Care for your clothing, understand fabrics and quality.
  • Differentiate resources and discover new ones.

You will receive:

  • Expert talent to guide you through the optimum choices in a constantly evolving and fickle 'fashion' culture.
  • An expert 'style' guide for life's special events and occasions.
  • Instruction and inspiration within a world of 'self-expression' that is fun and potentially creative.

My attitude, interest and passion make my services a 'cut above'

I make a point to remain thoroughly informed of current trends, and I keep learning from my clients' needs to gain an extra understanding of the 'psychology of clothing' and public attitudes toward style. I travel all over the US in the effort of getting the best for my clients--no matter where they live--and I approach the issue of personal style as an 'artistic' endeavor that enriches our lives.Here's a beautiful testimonial I recently recieved    
Brenda Wilde Hubbs posted :
"Ms. Sherrie, my gifted fashion guru, your books are my fashion bibles!! Love classic enduring style, good fabric and individual expression. You are truly THE BEST!"

I'm as skilled and well-versed in men's wear as I am for women, teens, children and even babies. I'm forever 'curious'...and strive to live by the philosophy of "Forever Cool".

Contact me today, and let's start working together on developing your own exciting personal style!